I’m not holding my breath.

That is a question that answers itself, no? First, read this analysis by Digby about (usually calculated) Republican overreactions to manufactured and inflated Democratic missteps. While I think Digby is still being far too charitable regarding the Democrats’ intentions (they are not constitutionally weak, nor are they turning the other cheek out of a sense of decency; they are after much the same thing the Rethugs are, but are trying to appear decent while not upsetting their share of the corporate gravy train. Arthur Silber can explain this better than I can). Still, Digby is damned right about what the Republicans are doing.

Now read this story. The U.S. military brass has been lying through its teeth about the origins of some of the deadliest weapons being deployed against U.S. forces, and now there is documented proof of the dishonesty. This has been part of a deliberate attempt to misrepresent the very nature of the anti-U.S. insurgency in Iraq. Aren’t the lives of ‘the troops’ more important than political posturing, especially if that posturing is designed to open another can of troop-killing-and-maiming quagmire? I’m listening for the Republican outrage, and I’m not hearing so much as a fucking cricket’s chirp. With all due respect to the marvelous Digby, I don’t expect to hear much more from the Democrats, either.

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