I don’t currently subscribe to any specific denomination or sect, but I believe in a higher power. Call Him/Her/It God, if you want. And I believe in cause and effect. So right now I’m wondering if all the self-proclaimed Protestants and Catholics in this country have ever opened a fucking Bible in their lives. Right there in Galatians 6:7, it says: “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.” Iran would be the second country in a row that we’ve decimated without just cause. Another mass of land full of innocent men, women, and children.

As an aside, I offer you an anecdote. A few weeks ago, when the Air and Water show was in town, my 21-month-old daughter was playing on the sidewalk next to our house. She was just enjoying herself and her age, enjoying the simple pleasure of walking and being a toddler. One of those daredevil jets roared quite close overhead, and my daughter’s face contorted from an expression of simple joy to one of abject terror. She ran to me and I picked her up; she quickly realized that there was no real danger, just an obnoxiously loud and startling “boom.” Now in that moment I had what might be called a minor epiphany of empathy. I knew that somewhere in this world– perhaps several somewheres at once– similar vehicles are roaring over the homes of other beautiful, innocent toddlers and their loving fathers. Some of these vehicles are raining death and devastation– cluster bombs, MOABs, laser-guided bombs (which are very precise until they explode), depleted uranium munitions, etc.– on these innocent toddlers and their neighborhoods.

Why should I give a fuck, you ask? God damn you if you have to ask. Those toddlers aren’t any less precious than mine, and my tax dollars are paying for their extermination, mutilation, and misery. I knew this was going to happen to Iraq when that lying, brown-nosing piece of shit Colin Powell got up in front of the UN and told a paranoid fairy tale that only a neocon or a sociopath could love. But this wasn’t enough. Now Powell’s asshole friends are planning to do it to another nation that poses us no threat. Hundreds if not thousands more innocent, beautiful little kids just like mine (along with their fathers, mothers, and older sisters and brothers) are going to suffer and die for no good reason.

At this point, like Bartcop’s Navy friend, I believe Iran is going to get hit hard. The Democrats are in on it, too. I don’t know that there’s anything I can do to stop it, not while the voices of us who don’t accept this go unannounced and unheeded. So I’m going to sit down and write another letter to my senators and to my representative, and I’m going to tell them that this cold-blooded genocide must not be allowed. I’m not going to arm myself and go to D.C. for some constructive hunting (an activity for which I confess I am ill-constituted and severely disinclined), so I’m not sure what else to do besides writing letters and making phone calls.

I suggest you all join me. I know it is easy to get caught up in our daily lives to the point where we can’t find the energy to be outraged about what our government is doing in our name. But since 9/11, especially, I’ve seen a hell of a lot flag-waving and slogan-spouting about how great this country is and how everyone in the world is dying to live here. I’ve read and heard a shitload of crowing about the freedom we have that others can only dream of. I see the hands on the hearts before the sporting events, and I wonder if any of the glass-eyed drones spouting that group-think mantra (with its Cold War revision intact) have ever paid attention to the words of the founders of this nation. I wonder if they’ve ever read what the likes of Jefferson, Madison, and Hamilton thought about foreign policy or the responsibilities of citizens of a republic. At any rate, I’ve begun to wonder if we’re much more than a nation self-indulgent, pampered, ignorant sociopaths if the best we can do is let a band of criminals like the Bush administration operate unopposed. I wonder if we’re just a bunch of fat, belligerent hypocrites whose only non-negotiable freedom is the freedom to shop. If that’s the case, then Arthur Silber is right. We’re going to reap what we sow, and no one ought to feel sorry for us. How it’s going to happen is anyone’s guess at this point. But the choice, as Silber poses it, is yours: “you’re either with the resistance– or with the murderers.”

(Hat tip to Jeff for the Bartcop link that got this rant started)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    YOu are right, and I’ve followed yours and Mr. Silber’s suggestion and written my representatives.But we are expecting sanity to prevail. The only hope, I suspect, is with military commanders who will refuse to follow orders.How many of them are there? What would happen to them if they did not carry out an attack when ordered? Would they find someone else who will?The gods, they say, first make mad those whom they would destroy.I lost hope for this country’s spiritual regeneration after the election of these hideous people was ordained by the Supreme Court. The rot is pretty thorough by now.

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