One of the reasons my posting has been so light for the past few months is that I’ve been focused more on reading others who are elucidating things far more eloquently and thoroughly than I could. I suppose that is selfish of me; I should be sharing these insights I’m discovering. Share I shall.

I’ve recently read some phenomenal books by Robert Fisk, Chalmers Johnson, and others that have explained the overall folly of our foreign involvements (particularly those in the Middle East). I’ve read a book or two (and many essays and reports on the web and in magazines) that deals with the Israeli/Palestinian crisis specifically. I’ve also read quite a bit of material about how our foreign involvements are costing us dearly here at home.

Jonathan Schwarz draws a parallel between our faltering republic and the self-defeating autocracies of the Middle East (many of which we have helped to prop up). I confess that I don’t recall ever seeing the Middle East from this perspective, and of my personal readings only Robert Fisk has gone into depth about how Israel has so easily dominated its neighbors.

We must be aware that we are an empire that has stretched itself too far, and our moral foundations have suffered accordingly. For some time now our civic and physical infrastructures have been showing obvious signs of damage and fatigue from the friction between the demands of empire and the necessities of a democratic republic. This pattern is not sustainable, and it is the most dangerous hubris that insists we are too exceptional to succumb.

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