I have no sympathy and no patience for all of you who still hold Ralph Nader responsible for the outcome of the 2000 presidential election. (Like these assholes.) For the last fucking time, Gore won. George W. Bush was given a stolen office.

Now, it seems that a great number of you Democratic voters would rather hang your seven years of frustration around the neck of a scapegoat than face the aforementioned facts. But you are almost as much to blame for the deeds of the Bushies as are those whose machinations put the Chimp in the White House. You accepted fraudulent electoral results. Why? I don’t know; maybe you didn’t want to accept that this democracy you’ve been patting yourselves on the back over is all a fucking sham. Maybe you did a cost-benefit analysis of taking a stand against the theft of your republic’s highest office, and you decided that as long as your share of the imperial booty wasn’t jeopardized, you could live with the stench of the sham.

Whatever your reasons for your continued belligerent cowardice, I don’t care. I say you can all kiss my ass. In a sense, though, I share your guilt. We all should have marched in the streets and demanded a full recount in Florida, or a closely monitored re-vote. We all knew what was at stake, we all watched the theft go down, and the vast majority of us let it slide as though it had no more weight than an elimination round of American fucking Idol.

The difference between me and you Nader-haters, though, is that I won’t try to assuage my guilt by dumping on the guy who offered us an honest attempt to move away from the bipartisan clusterfuck we’ve been living with for over two centuries. Yeah, I voted for Nader in 2000. And if he shows up on the ballot beside some centrist pretender (and imperial status quo protector) like Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama in 2008, I might vote for him again. Don’t like that? Fuck you. You had your chance in 2000, and you chose your customary bowl of stew over the risk of pursuing justice. Now millions of people have paid for your cowardice and for the Republican voters’ ignorance and malice. Eventually, your kids and grandkids are going to reap what you’ve sown, too.

Again, I shared your cowardice in 2000. But I don’t compound the mockery of decency by lashing out at Ralph Nader. I’m at the point where I think you Nader-haters and the Rethug faithful deserve each other. May my daughter someday forgive me for not having the stones to leave my bowl of stew behind for slightly saner pastures.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    I didn’t March in Flordia, but, I did march in 04.

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