via Oliver Willis and The Raw Story

Oh, this one’s a real pro. Michigan Representative Bart Stupak (D, of course) wades into the cesspool of Fox News in order to explain a recent House vote to make gas gouging a federal crime. Wingnut loudmouth and professional propagandist Neil Cavuto immediately tries to muddy the waters of the discourse, but Stupak is having none of it. He ably explains the case (which is quite simple and obvious). Cavuto tries the well-worn winger tactics of shouting over his opponent, repeating assertions that have just been refuted, and repeating challenges that have already been answered.

Stupak patiently and assertively brushes off every attempt, and by the end of the ‘interview’ no working brain should still be hosting any of the doubts with which Cavuto tried to infect it. Still, Cavuto’s clumsy and belligerent attempt to cover for the oil giants’ obvious and egregious exploitation of the U.S. market earns him the coveted weekly title.

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