This week’s loser is a slimy Rethug congressman from Georgia. It is Thursday, 10 May, and Robert Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill are testifying before Congress about war profiteering; see how Jack Kingston approaches the issue:

Instead of qualitatively addressing whether Greenwald is making a valid point about war profiteering, Kingston first waves the bloody shirt (‘how dare you suggest our brave soldiers are in it for the money! Harumph! Harumph!‘). Then, using barely coded language, he tries to paint Greenwald as just another hypocritical Hollywood Jew out to make a buck. (Seriously, Jack, can’t you come up with a more current Hollywood persona than Barbra Streisand, or do you think your constituents are that out of touch and anachronistically bigoted that Babs is all they come up with when they think “Hollywood Jew”?)

When Greenwald explains how the movie was funded, and he illustrates his true motivations for putting his time and effort into the film, ol’ Jack is left with nothing but Bush-like meanderings that revisit his previous slurs and smears.

Ladies and gentleman: this is today’s Republican Party, always willing to provide you with your Piece of Shit of the Week.

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