A few weeks ago I told myself that I was going to tone down the language of this blog, especially in the headlines. Why the fuck did I do that? As a coworker once said years ago, this is a profane world. If you want to be honest about it, you may want to use some choice language.

That said, I prefer brutal honesty peppered with obscenity to the sort of disingenuous verbal excrescence that came from Rethug Dana Rohrabacher’s mouth last week. It is one thing to lie or to spout bullshit. It is a thing on a whole other level to lie and spout bullshit with smug defiance from one of the most visible and powerful public platforms available (i.e. the U.S. Congress).

The aforementioned Rethug did the latter, and that’s why he is the Piece of Shit of the Week. Here is a sample of his vile discourse:

But, here’s the other shoe dropping, we are at war, and we’ve got to make sure that we do not let go 50 terrorists who will go out and plant a bomb in London and kill 20,000 people in order to protect that one person who we arrested accidentally because his name was the same. That’s the type of unfortunate consequence.

[Audience groans.]

Well, I hope it’s your families, I hope it’s your families that suffer the consequences.


One person — if we let, if in order to protect the rights of one or two people, or five people or ten people, who are mistakenly abducted because their names were the same or because they went to a mosque that they didn’t know this thing was going on in the back room, if 10 of those people suffer those consequences, but in order for us to take 90 other people off the street who are intent and involved in plans that would slaughter tens of thousands of our citizens, I’m afraid that’s the price we pay in a real world. And the United States, we’re not ghouls. (emphasis mine)

What really disgusts me is that there could be thousands (if not millions) of vile cowards out there who will read or hear his words and nod their heads in agreement. Read more of the transcript and watch the video here at Think Progress.

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