And there’s a hell of a lot of overlap…

I’ve always thought that anti-abortion activism has less to do with protecting life than it has with enforcing a male-dominated, female-subservient social order. I usually tie my belief to the apparent overlap between ‘pro-life’ politics and pro-war and pro-death penalty politics. Amanda Marcotte finds a more amusing and disturbing cognitive conflict within pro-life dogma.

I don’t want to give anything away; her well-crafted argument should be taken in its entirety.

Maybe the WMDs are hiding in her uterus

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  1. Mack says:

    From the comments:I get a pretty clear sense from my reading that many of you come to your cause BECAUSE of treatment you have suffered at the hands of those who believe such myths. In other words: feminism is hardly genetic and not something passed like eyecolor from mother to daughter: it is more about escaping from the orbit of the patriarchy. The partriarchy, whenever it fails to utterly snuff out will, intelligence and self respect is making another feminist or ally of feminism.Word.

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