Don’t get me wrong: I still miss Billmon, but I’ll be damned if Arthur Silber doesn’t oversupply my weekly quota of analysis that makes my fucking head explode. Silber has an understanding of the human condition that, applied to the current status of our dying republic, should be read and taken seriously by everyone in our federal government. Alas, it will not be.

With one sentence, though, Silber explains the putrid rot that is our system of corporate ‘news’ reporting. He explains the reflexive mendacity of our more successful and prominent politicians. He explains why we the people continue to pour money and votes into the subjects of both previous sentences.

When the truth reveals you to be a contemptible, unprincipled coward, lies become your friends.

You should read the post containing this quote here. You should also continue to read Arthur Silber’s blog, and you should consider offering some financial support. I shall do all three things.

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  1. Mack says:

    Hey man, oversupply was the right word. Many good points, to be sure, but he’s clearly the sort that feels above the fray, because, you know, we are all missing the point. The fight is hard, I get frustrated and depressed, and it takes all the discipline I have to keep from bowing out.Thanks for adjusting your comment thingie!

  2. You’re welcome, Mack. In Mr. Silber’s defense (not that he needs it), I think he’s been going through an awful lot lately. Plus, it is awfully hard being a prophet these days; if Silber’s right about anything, it’s that too many of us have bowed out, and seeing that mass abdication on a daily basis– knowing what we know– can burn us out emotionally. So I’m willing to give Silber a kilometer’s worth of slack on that point, because I don’t think he feels himself above the fray so much as he feels himself fighting windmills. We all know that feeling.

  3. Nancy says:

    Arthur Silber’s writing is beautifully thought through and right on the money. I sent him a few small things from his wish list since I hear he is having some problems and could use a cheer up. I do not feel he is above the fray; he is above what we have allowed ourselves to become.

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