The Editors explains why Barack Obama hasn’t a snowflake’s chance in hell of becoming the next President of the Free World.

What does that mean for me? John Edwards didn’t exactly set me on fire with his tepid and right-wing-friendly (and perhaps– I shudder to think– sincere) refusal to fire Amanda Marcotte. Hillary Clinton is a more dour, nakedly centrist version of the Greatest Republican President Ever*. For the Democratic primary, that would ordinarily leave me with my usual choice, Dennis Kucinich. However, I might just have to vote for Obama this time.

I think he actually has a fighting chance in the primary. Clinton and Edwards could well split the vote for Obama to march right in with a healthy plurality (if not a slim majority). However, I think a Democratic nominee Obama would likely get creamed by whatever goofball the Rethugs throw up against him, simply because of what The Editors said. Why vote for him anyway, you ask? Because I want to force this electorate’s hand. I want them to call my bluff and prove that The Editors and I are both wrong. I want them to show the world that they might be a bunch of pampered cowards who don’t care about sacrificing their civil liberties at home (as long as the gasoline, the beer, and the Big Macs stay cheap) or about exterminating innocent people abroad (as long as the gasoline, the beer, and the Big Macs stay cheap), but they aren’t racist enough to vote against a man solely on account of his skin color.

I’m gonna draw that line in the sand, and I fully expect it to still be there by the end of 2008.

*post-Southern Strategy, of course

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  1. Cynthia says:

    I’m going to vote on him too. I’m also going to draw the line in the sand and see what happens. No matter what happens, America will be revealed.

  2. I think what’s really going to be interesting is to see how many ways people will find to bash Obama without having to explicitly say “because he’s black” – and one way I’ve seen a lot is the “black people don’t identify with him” card that is out there.

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