teh l4m3 eloquently spells out his thoughts on the fear-mongering that reached a nitwit crescendo over the last couple of days in response to the marketing-gimmick-turned-terror-alert that gripped all the chickenshits of Boston in a Bushie-pleasing frenzy of public, officially sponsored fit of pants pissing.

What teh doesn’t specify, though I’m sure it crossed his mind, is that among the cops and other emergency services workers who ran around burning up diesel fuel and costly municipal man-hours were various testosterone-heads and paranoia-pimping bureaucrats who live for this shit. They are never going to admit it on camera to any whoring, make-up encrusted corporate media drone, but these Nimrods have never been happier than they’ve been under Bush and Co. Except, perhaps, during the height of the Nixon/COINTELPRO days, when they were able to beat down all the niggers, hippies, injuns, and various other establishment-chafed ‘others’ with impunity. Unless Ted Turner steps up and hires them a whale of a legal team (per teh’s suggestion), and/or their legal proceedings get upstaged by another Bushie “Chicken Little” media extravaganza, the poor schlubs who did the foot work for the ‘guerrilla’ marketing campaign are going to be orange jumpsuit-clad lambs on the Bushie fear-mongering altar.

This whole deal reminds me of a conversation I had in my American Founding class this past Tuesday. I don’t recall how the subject came into the crosshairs, but I told a Mr. C (my classmate) about the former Black Panthers who were arrested this past week at the Bushies’ behest for a murder that was committed in 19fucking71. I know what you’re thinking: no statute of limitations on murder, right? I suggest you read/listen to the following report from DemocracyNow! in order to enlighten yourself to the particulars of this case.

Murder Charges Against Former Black Panthers Based on Confessions Extracted by Torture

Yes, in a hale and hearty shout-out to reactionary cops and prosecutors nationwide, the Bushies offered these official goons a chance to turn back the clock to the good old days of the aforementioned COINTELPRO. It doesn’t matter that the former Panthers were tortured (which led to their charges being thrown out in 1974) after their original arrests. It doesn’t matter that all the alleged physical ‘evidence’ against the accused has long since ‘disappeared.’ It doesn’t matter that there was no good reason to implicate these men in the crime in the first place (hence the torture-induced ‘confessions’).

What matters is that the former Panthers participated in a documentary about the excesses of the Nixonian police state at a time when the Bushies are in the process of deploying a police state that will make COINTELPRO look like a narcoleptic hall monitor. What matters is that the Black Panthers– heinously maligned and grossly misunderstood by our racist society– are always easy whipping boys when no evil towelheads are to be found. They are to our domestic criminal ‘justice’ culture what Haiti is to our foreign policy: it no longer matters why we continually beat them down, it only matters that we do.

Anyway, back to the point of the anecdote. I relayed to Mr. C all the pertinent facts I just offered you to, and his response was (and I paraphrase): weren’t those guys (the former Black Panthers) kind of stupid for putting themselves out there in the spotlight after all this time? My response was: not if they are innocent. I elaborated: it is the duty of every U.S. citizen to identify and resist oppressive, capricious, or unlawful treatment from our elected and appointed authorities, whether or not we are the targets. (I should have reminded Mr. C that we were having this discussion prior to a session of a class about the founding of this nation; said founding was announced with the Declaration of Independence, which specifically lists among the causes for independence the oppressive, capricious, and unlawful treatment given the colonists by the English Crown. I let that one go, sadly.)

Mr. C’s response to the tale of the former Black Panthers is disheartening primarily because I don’t think it is exceptional. In a nation that proudly and reflexively blurts and displays such slogans as “These Colors Don’t Run,” we sure act like a bunch of wilting lilies and/or nervous sheep everytime our gardeners/shepherds wave a picture of a market-approved threat in our faces. Sure, a lot of us talk tough at times, but behind the false bravado is a nation that was brought to its knees– where it certainly remains– by nineteen men armed only with boxcutters, brains, and balls.

As teh pointed out, we’ve allowed an incompetent band of well-dressed, one-trick thugs to pull their only routine on us over and over and over. All of their chicanery is based on a series of low-tech, low-percentage attacks that they failed to stop. I have to conditionally disagree with teh on one point, though. He might be correct when he states that the American people are getting tired of hearing the Bushies and their ilk cry wolf, but I don’t believe they are tired of reacting as they are expected to react. I believe that as long as the Bushies and their ilk can sell the idea that our “blessed” (read: pampered and steeped in imperial excess) way of life is threatened only by the chimeras they fashion for us, then the Bushie police state will continue to metastasize until it is too late for us to vote it back into its unholy cage. At that point it won’t matter who is in the White House or in the Congress. We’ll be living in a state of self-devouring paranoia that would make Comrade Stalin proud.

UPDATE (1922 HRS, 1 FEB): August J. Pollak puts a finer point on it, and uses that sharpened instrument to rip new assholes into the appropriate craven cowards of the Boston debacle.

Also, Jesus’ General has the video of the apprehended guerrilla marketers refusing to kowtow to the very corporate whore press that helped stir up the chickenshitstorm. While the antics of the young marketers may not be side-splitting, the reactions of the media whores sure are woeful. I wonder how many of these immaculately coiffed (and well-compensated) corporate mouthpieces comprehend that they are helping to usher in an era of unrestrained totalitarianism such as this continent has never seen.

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  1. Nancy says:

    It’s official. We as a nation or at least in Boston, are as dumb as a bag of hammers.

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