The U.S. citizenry is stricken with congenital self-aggrandisement, with acute complications from myopia and bigotry.

Mickey Z. manufactures and distributes the cure on a daily basis. Por ejemplo:

Newsweek’s Cover Boys

Check my links list. Mickey Z. ain’t the only intellectual pharmacist out there.

Unfortunately, the aforementioned condition strikes even self-conceived progressives (especially ‘centrists’). Just look at the silliness being conjured up at Oliver Willis’s blog by this BBC story. I have only one comment to make about the blog post itself, and it pertains to this line from OW:

These sorts of incidents, from time to time, pop up with regard to numerous faiths but because of the tensions in the world right now the ones in the press tend to happen more with Muslim folks.

Gee, OW, I wonder why. Maybe the Bush administration and its ideological minions in the media have been quite successful in whipping together post-9/11 fear and anger with our preexisting xenophobic bigotries regarding Muslims and Arabs. I’m sure that has nothing to do with justifying all the imperial designs they have for ‘those people.’ OW and some of his commenters appear to be in dire need of some Mickey Z., and some Robert Fisk, and some Mahmood Mamdani, and some Juan Cole, and…

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