Now, cowardly bow-tie boy, I’ll make it easy for you. Want to bully another working-class blogger? I’ll give you my name and an address where you can meet me at my job. You can even send your faux-lawyer goon if you want. If you think my employer is going to fire me at your behest, I promise to stifle my wicked snickering until you actually finish ranting publicly at my place of employment.

Actually, I’ve got a better idea. It’s something I think about whenever I see a more openly belligerent tool like the Falafel King or that punk Hannity attack someone. Instead of dancing in front a TV audience, why not try something which is universally lauded in your fetid political recesses? I am referring, of course, to violence. Now, I know that yellow-bellies like you, Bill, and Sean like to talk a mean game when you know the bloodshed and suffering is being carried out by others. But what could be the danger in squaring off against a weak-kneed, pacifist, anti-war leftie such as me? That’s right, cowardly bow-tie boy, I’m talking about a boxing match. If you want to show that you aren’t just a pampered chickenshit who uses his ill-conceived ‘fame’ and wealth to pick on the financially defenseless and powerless, here’s your chance. You should like your odds in such a pugilistic episode, too; I haven’t had anything resembling a fight since the 8th grade, because I avoid conflict whenever possible.

So what’s it gonna be, Google Narcissus?

*Asshole! Thanks to him, I had to use that word again in a heading! Twice!

3 comments on “

  1. teh l4m3 says:

    Ooh snap I need to put this one in my “Free Chuckles!” sidebar.

  2. Please feel free, Teh.

  3. Chuckles says:

    I haven’t been in a fight since Junior year of high school. I would box him as long as he wouldn’t go running to his lawyer afterward.

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