A few things occur to me after reading this Pandagon entry by Pam Spaulding.

First, the Freepers and their ilk might be the openly rudest and crudest of those celebrating Hussein’s execution, but they are not in any sense alone. As commenter Patrick’s references to CNN accurately indicate, the gloating over Hussein’s offing is intended to be shared by a wide audience (and likely will be).

Second, in the future I will refrain from comparing the U.S. to the Roman Empire. Say what you will about the Romans, but I get the feeling they had a lower percentage of armchair warriors than we did. In other words, they probably had a lot more men who were willing to gloat over the mangled corpses of enemies they had themselves physically helped to crush; they likely had a lot fewer bleating cowards whose murderous ‘courage’ was displayed anonymously upon receipt of second- and third-hand reports of faraway imperial victories (or meaningless events touted as victories).

Finally, the U.S. has devolved into a nation of vicariously bloodthirsty chickenshits. Our economy is a house of cards. Our ‘all-volunteer’ military is a well-worn prop for ham-fisted corporate imperialism. It is all just itching to collapse, and collapse it will. I just hope it lasts long enough for me and the Mrs. to retire and send our daughter to school in another country.

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