My neighbor recounted his attempt to see his parents – a journey that required him to pass through an Israeli checkpoint.

“Where are you headed?” the guards demanded. “To [my family’s village],” he answered.

“Where is that?”

“Near [a larger town],” he replied.

“And where is that?”

“In the north.”

“And where is THAT?”

“In Palestine,” he said.

“What did you say?” the guards bellowed. “This is Israel, not Palestine…. You’re not getting through until you say, “In Israel.” My neighbor never saw his family.

Read the context here.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    This stuff can’t continue like this. Something has to give

  2. teh l4m3 says:

    Right-wing Israelis say Palestine doesn’t exist, Hamas says Israel doesn’t exist… Sounds like everyone’s getting along great and really grappling with reality over there…

  3. There isn’t much of an equivalency there, teh. Hamas has no power outside of the Occupied Territories, while Israel has nearly complete impunity within the O.T. (and, apparently, Lebanon). Hamas can do no right: they were told to renounce ‘terror’, so they went to the ballot box. When they won a significant electoral victory, Israel (and the U.S.) threw it back in their face and refused to recognize them. Israel’s repeated demands that Hamas ‘recognize’ Israel are cynical and manipulative at best. Which Israel is Hamas supposed to recognize? The Israel behind the 1967 borders, or Eretz Israel (the Israel that requires the ethnic cleansing of all Palestinian Arabs)?In fact, the Israeli govt’s demands that Hamas get on its knees are ridiculous when one considers that Hamas has repeatedly requested multilateral talks with Israel, only to be rebuffed with the usual ridiculous prerequisites. Israel has no intention of recognizing any Palestinian autonomy, much less a free and democratic Palestinian state. That’s why Israel helped Hamas come to power in the first place; Israel wanted a radical religious Palestinian foe (in opposition to the more secular PLO) to spread confusion and discord in the O.T. Besides, Israel has never really stopped building illegal settlements in the O.T.I could go on and on, ad nauseum, but you get the point, teh.

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