Yesterday I wrote a long-winded memo about rich people and elections, blah blah blah. In it I mentioned something about how the right wing has come to dominate our nation’s political discourse through manipulation of the mass media. Today I’ll give you a bit more on that.

First, there’s an entry at Crooks and Liars (which until now I’ve neglected to add to my links list) where John Amato highlights the craven behavior of the Washington Post. Watch the video there, and see how the Post reporter spends several minutes wasting the English language while circumspectly admitting that her paper is a p.r. toady for White House. For me, it elicited an unsavory mixture of amusement and disgust.

Next, we take you to an entry at The Daily Howler, where Bob Somerby continues his vital exposé of how our allegedly liberal corporate media bend over backward to cater to the right wing. In this case, he analyzes how the New York Times engages in the disturbing (yet all too common) behavior of casually revising history in order to whitewash their own complicity in spreading right-wing propaganda. The paper even goes so far as to blame the victims of the plot (in this case, the Democratic Party).

This is why I don’t buy newspapers, and why I don’t watch corporate TV news.

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