Amanda Marcotte makes an astoundingly astute point about the intersection between the ballyhoo over immigration and the bollocks over abortion. While you should go over to Pandagon and read the whole thing, a key point is summed up in the following passage:

The immigration thing is just a ruse to get racist white working class people to get all excited about what is really an attempt to impoverish them. What I hope people begin to see is that illegal immmigrants and working people in America are on the same team and racism is just a way to distract us from this fact.

I often find that racism is such a handy tool that it need not even be wielded directly. It doesn’t even require remote control. It is so endemic to our larger culture that it rises up like a supernatural computer virus whenever the social/political/economic scales need to be tipped back in favor of the ruling elite.

Better yet, racism is like that über-virus in that it disguises itself well. One need not call a black man “nigger” in order to display one’s conditional contempt for negroes. One can pick out a favorite dark-hued sports professional, for example, and heap scorn on that talented, wealthy individual from afar. Thus one’s despite for colored folk can be displayed by proxy, while said one can feel comfortable smiling in the faces of the swarthy individuals in his midst. Most likely, few will notice (or care) that the scorn seems only to arise when a brash, flamboyant, trash-talking athlete is on the TV screen, as opposed to when a similarly comported white athlete appears.

Ah, yes, racism. That lovely tool of entrenched power.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    You hit it on the nail. Racism is rearing its ugly head in the idea that Obama represents the anti-Christ, i.e., anti-white…

  2. Great article and great points. Your analogy of racism as a computer virus is spot-on. It’s that common, and invisibly-moving.

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