Sometimes you read something that is so profound it hurts. I was originally going to write a little missive in which I would wonder aloud whether this article is intended to be a painfully obvious bit of race-baiting, or if it just looks that way to every media-savvy, sociopolitically aware pessimist. Further in that missive I was going to ask (rhetorically) if Mount Plywood alderman Ginger Rugai was playing to her purportedly racist constituency, or if she was just being taken out of context by Fran Spielman for the benefit of the aforementioned construction.

That was all tossed to the wayside when I stumbled across the following two essays (by way of Jonathan Schwarz). They constituted a one-two literary punch about sports (and fandom) in the context of our larger culture. I was knocked silly for a moment, and I hope you will be, too.

War by Other Means
by Dennis Perrin

Tomgram: Robert Lipsyte, America Juiced on Sports

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