Yes, I have it. Of course, in a manner of speaking, I had it on 9/12 (2001). After seeing the corporate media milk it for all the commercial time they could sell; after watching the Bush administration use it to push through all sorts of neofascist and self-serving policies; after hearing for the millionth time how “everything changed”– even from many self-styled progressives– I’ve had more than enough.

Sure, it was horrible. Sure, as a firefighter I can sympathize with the families, colleagues, and other survivors of the fallen firefighters from that day. What grates me to no end, though, is the apparent lack of global– no, human perspective. It is as though U.S. soil, and the lives of U.S. citizens, are worth so much more than the millions of lives and millions of acres of soil we’ve destroyed and desecrated (directly or by proxy) with our bombs and our Machiavellian foreign policies.

I’m past being sick of hearing the canned music over supposedly heart-rending media pieces about grief-stricken survivors and the heroes who left them behind. I’m just tired of it.

So tomorrow, when every firehouse in the city lowers its flags to half-staff in a display of remembrance of an event that most of have little actual idea about, I’ll refrain from getting involved in the maudlin theatrics. I’ll drive the fire engine out on to the driveway, per the commissioner’s orders, but I won’t stay out for the obligatory ‘moment of silence’ and hang my head or salute or do any other such bullshit. I’ll go take a leak, or drink a glass of water, or scratch myself. Maybe I’ll even use the time to get started on my reading for the day.

5 comments on “

  1. schwede_oh says:

    While we scratch, GOP “morals people” are actively trying to change history with their supposed grande-God-given write to do so. My bullshit detector gets startled every day. They really need constructive hobbies; like fixing the world’s problems, instead of creating them.

  2. teh l4m3 says:

    Yeah, the maudlin country music numbers are at the top of my shit list.That and W stepping on the flag…

  3. Roderick says:

    Thanks, CS, for expressing how I feel. I thought I was the only one who has had it up to my eyeballs with all of this ceremonial bs for the last five years.

  4. Nancy says:

    It’s fitting to remember the victims, many of whom were firefighters. One minute of silence is suitable. The Bush administration’s waving the bloody shirt is in the worst possible taste, but hardly new in this country. It would also be nice to acknowledge the thousands of “9/11s” the USA has perpetrated in Iraq, for starters.

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