David Greenwald has got them sussed:

So much of the bellicose, tough-guy warmongering to which we are subjected on a daily basis — all the talk about not wanting to be weak, scared, appeasers who run from fights — is generated by the same forces that account for David Warren, someone who calls journalists in Gaza “cowards” while he lounges around listening to Ella Fitzgerald and whining about his sore thumb, someone who demands that other men risk their lives and more and more people be incinerated so that he can finally feel strong and courageous and powerful while he sits around complaining about Earl Grey tea…

..It’s the same mindset that allows people who have never sacrificed or risked anything for their country to accuse those who have risked their lives of being cowards and appeasers…

…So much of our public dialogue is dominated by people…desperate to bask in the reflected glory of epic warriors without ever risking anything and to feel powerful and strong and resolute and “full-chested” while sitting at home, protected and safe but still scared of everything…

Read the whole thing here. (I got it from Tom Tomorrow.)

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