for a nation of political infants

Regarding this story, I’ll tell you what happened. Some goofballs– who somehow managed to string together enough brain cells to consider themselves radicals– wore enough weird clothing and uttered enough apocalyptic ramblings to catch the attention of the nervous nellie locals. These locals (card-carrying members of the Chickenshit Nation, of course) dropped a dime to the FBI. The Feds, always under pressure from the Bush administration to drum up some propaganda fodder for the magical War on Terror, saw a perfect opportunity to create a sexy headline. So they sent down a team of operatives (including an ‘informant’) to shepherd these nitwits into saying the magic words (al Qaeda, bomb buildings, kill Merrkins, etc.). Presto! They’ve given the Rethugs a headline (in an election year, to boot).

It is that easy, my friends. In an era where the bureaucratic progeny of J. Edgar Hoover can get away with publicly announcing “eco-terrorism” as a major threat to national security, anything goes.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    You know, this whole incidence is just plain silly. In fact, I smell a rat…

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