I’ve got a cornucopia of things about which to bitch today:

First off, there’s the horseputty that passes for journalism being tossed about by the corporate press regarding Hugo Chávez and Evo Morales. Both Latin American leaders were elected by clear majorities in fair elections. Both men have sought to do with their countries’ most valuable resources (oil and/or gas) what leaders ought to do: use them for the benefit of their own populations. Unfortunately, both men have stepped on a lot of right-wing corporate toes in the process. Predictably, that makes them monsters in the eyes of our oil-drenched federal executive branch. Of course, that also makes them evil in the eyes of the money-grubbing imperialist sycophants in our corporate media.

The truly sad thing is that most U.S. citizens will read the corporate media’s lies and propaganda and not give them a second thought. There will be no historical context given about our country’s horrid involvements in Latin America (overthrowing rightfully elected governments, installing and supporting brutal right-wing dictatorships, training and funding terrorist death squads and ‘police’ forces, etc.). There will be no credit given to the democratic wishes of Venezuela’s and Bolivia’s citizens (so much for our purported love of democracy). There will only be the U.S. government’s vitriol, and a corporate-friendly spin.

It would be nice if our newspapers and TV news outlets would delve into things from the following perspectives:

When Two Poor Countries Reclaimed Oilfields, Why Did Just One Spark Uproar?
by George Monbiot

Chávez Ridicules Washington’s Weapons Ban

The next thing I found is this blog post by Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon. Read it.

Then there are today’s goings-on at DemocracyNow.org. Can we now stop pretending that we are the beacons of freedom in the world? Can we now just admit that we are a nation of cowardly consumers who don’t care that our government is now completely bought and paid for by multinational corporations? Yeesh.

Finally, via teh l4m3, I learn that the Bushies’ favorite corporation, Halliburton, is involved in a plan to build mass detention centers to be used in the event of an ‘immigration emergency.’ No, it is worse than it sounds. More here.

UPDATE (a few minutes later): I damn near forgot to include this post from Juan Cole, which offers a snapshot of the SNAFU that is Iraq. Would that anyone who knowingly voted (in 2004) for more of this would have to live a week in an average Iraqi’s place.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    CS: This is an excellent post. I knew there were more to the immigration story than what meets the eye. Those immigrants just set themselves up as targets with this protesting.

  2. Roderick says:

    Your title “Tuesday Tribulation” is as funny as hell. It reminds me of my home church in MS and the old women moaning during service.Anywho it is truely sad that as long we Americans are fat, dumb and happy we don’t care what happens in our neighborhood much less what happens in another country. I follow astrology and over the next few years the world economy is going to be turned upside down and we as Americans are going to have to adjust to doing more with a lot less.

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