No, this isn’t about hatred of Jews. This is about a long-standing atmosphere of institutionalized injustice that is metastasizing.

Why is it that we in the U.S. can denounce (rightfully so) murderous behavior committed in the name of Allah, but we can overlook– no, condone and subsidize murderous behavior committed on behalf of a Jewish state? For that matter, how can we– a nation that claims to be a democracy that respects religious freedom– unconditionally support a state that makes a mockery of that very concept? I could go on, but I’ll leave you to explore the latest atrocity for yourself.

Shooting of British Cameraman by Israeli Soldiers Cold-Blooded Murder, Inquest Told
by Vikram Dodd

Like I said, though, this isn’t about ‘anti-Semitism,’ as some might reflexively charge. This is about right and wrong, and how the latter is being endorsed by our government and underwritten by our tax dollars. If this is good enough for you, then sit quietly and keep voting for politicians who refuse to oppose this villainy.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    I agree, this is about right and wrong. The Jews have card blanche access to do whatever they want in this society. Their cycle will eventually end…

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