I have always liked to watch Rick StevesTravels in Europe. Steves really knows his stuff, and I found his advice on how to pack for moderate to long vacations to be most useful. Even more importantly, watching his show is an affordable way to travel vicariously, in addition to planning a fantasy list of travel destinations.

I was mildly alarmed to see Steves’ name under the headline of an essay on I suppose I shouldn’t have been: a man with so much knowledge of other parts of the world, a man who knows how to navigate so many different cultures, should be expected to have a progressive and reasonable view of his own country’s foreign policy.

Anyway, I’ll let you read the words of Rick Steves. Whether or not you track down his program and watch it (I recommend this) is up to you.

The Real Threat to U.S. Security
by Rick Steves

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