Today is my last day as a firefighter at Engine Company 56. I have been promoted to fire engineer, which means I’ll be responsible for driving the fire engine and working the pump. My two-week training course begins this Wednesday (the 18th), following which I’ll begin my new assignment. Unfortunately, I won’t have a ‘home’ anymore; I’ll be what is known as a “reliever.” That means I’ll be a fill-in at a different firehouse every work day. While my schedule will still be the same 24-on/48-off that I have now, I likely won’t have access to the internet as I do now. That means no surfing, reading, or posting during downtime. It will be books and homework until I can afford to buy a notebook with WiFi. Not a bad compromise, at all. I have much old-fashioned reading to resume.

Did I say homework? Also this Wednesday, I start my winter college algebra course at DePaul University. Due to other obligations, previously and subsequently mentioned, I decided to take only one course this quarter.

The other obligation I refer to is the most joyous one, but the most difficult. R. and I are getting used to being parents, and that in itself is difficult enough. However, R. is returning to work at the beginning of February, so we’ll be putting Isabel in day care for the first time. Add this to the adjustment I’ll be making to the logistics of my new position, and we’ll be sharing a period of moderate psychic stress. I am more concerned about R. than I am myself, as she’ll be going from spending three virtually uninterrupted months with Isabel to spending four or five days a week with Isabel being away from her for ten hours at a time.

I recognize that we aren’t the first to go through this, and we won’t be the last. Hell, by today’s standards, we have it pretty damned easy. That’s why this post isn’t a complaint so much as it is a disclaimer for the likely change in frequency and tone of posting that will be occurring soon. I don’t know what the near future holds for this remote outpost of the web, but I like to think the changes will at least be exciting.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll even give the Church one of those lovely Blogger face-lifts.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Congrats on the promotion. Having that notebook is a handy thing it gives you so much felibility..

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