The most common characterization that koolaid guzzlers make of the Bush administration’s detractors is that we have a deep-seated, irrational, and personal hatred of Dubya. Project much?

There is a local right-wing talk radio outlet here in Chicago that advertises itself with this slogan: “Liberals Hate It.” The politics of fear and hatred are what governments have always used to keep the faithful in line. The reactionaries rely on fear and hatred more openly, though. The Bushies have turned fear and hatred into vaudeville, but their sycophantic followers have long since given themselves over to the madness.

The Bushies’ Orwellian pronouncements are often delusional, mouth-foaming nonsense to those of us with functioning critical thinking skills. To the believers– those who’ve spent their lifetimes learning to warp their minds to the ever-twisting ‘logic’ of racism, xenophobia, mindless jingoism, religious dogma, and economic self-flagellation– the Bushies can do no wrong, and it is the rest of us who are mired in illogic and angry madness.

Remember the crowds of Israelites who angrily called for the torture and execution of their Messiah? They’re back, and they vote Republican.

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  1. teh l4m3 says:

    Gah. I’ve taken it you’ve seen Dr. Sanity’s post on BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome). She indulges in the conceit that it can only mean irrational hatred of Bush, not irrational worship of him. Pseudoscientific wingnuttiness at it’s most aromatic.

  2. Txfeminist says:

    We have the huge billboard ads for some such radio talk show here in Dallas too: “Liberals Hate It!” Generally posted in a “liberal” part of town. When we first saw it, we laughed, because it’s some obscure AM show that “liberals” don’t know anything about, or care about, either. However, you are right: It’s serious, because it clearly shows the right’s hate tactics in action.

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