See, there’s this funny thing I’ve been noticing lately: these right-wingers talk really tough. They preach self-reliance, small government, and overall grown-up-ness. They make fun of us ‘libruls’ for being moral children who are all touchy-feely and sensitive. They ridicule and deride us for wanting to see our government be a world leader in peacemaking, and they heap scorn upon us for harboring the notion that corporate profits should take a back seat to the everyday concerns of human beings. (Never mind, for now, the delicious irony that these wingers are sneering at the very concepts espoused by their ostensible moral model, Jesus Christ.)

In reality, though, we have ample evidence that suggests the overwhelming majority of these self-described conservatives (and I’m lumping in those right-wingers who cling to delusions of being libertarians; true libertarians don’t behave like this) are putting on an increasingly unconvincing front.

Yes, I’m saying these self-described tough guy conservatives are a bunch of spoiled, easily frightened children. Their toughness is a veneer protected by a powerful military (in which few of the most vocal and prominent conservatives ever bothered to participate). Their wealth is often inherited, or at least owing to a great deal of public subsidy, if they have any at all. Their immature, reactionary tendencies come to the fore in every crisis. Sometimes they even invent crises in order to have an excuse to get their way.

A good case in point of this dynamic can be found in this story:

Schwarzenegger Deleted From Websites

The knucklehead governor who came into power owing to a Republican-sponsored recall campaign that pandered to the shortsighted puerility of the California electorate sure talked tough as he campaigned and took office. It appears that, like his party’s head honcho, he can’t even handle a little criticism from his own hometown. What a pansy; what a phony.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    I guess he was hurt (lol).

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