Just a thought I’ve been having lately, what with the near-unanimous support for the Bush administration’s secret spying that I’ve been seeing from Republicans and ‘libertarians’ alike:

Aren’t you people supposed to be the self-reliant, I-don’t-need-no-nanny-state kind? So a bunch of guys armed only with box cutters and balls manage to kill a few thousand of us– I wasn’t there, but the pictures I saw tell me it was horrible– and now you all want to run behind the legs of the same bastards who failed in their duty to protect us in the first place? Run-on sentences aside, I think this kind of blows the whole veneer off the right wing electorate. What a bunch of fucking pansies.

Honestly? I’m not worried about any damned ‘terrorists’. I am quite concerned, however, that the assholes whose salaries come out of my tax dollars will be using my own money in order to treat me like a criminal, said treatment most likely coming clandestinely sans due process. I don’t want an ‘air marshal’ putting a bullet in me, my wife, or my child (accidentally or otherwise) at an airport because they decide that ‘saving lives’ comes before– er, saving lives. I don’t want some weed-bender in a cheap suit eavesdropping on my phone calls because I said or wrote some less-than-polite things about the chief executive. (And no, I don’t have anything to hide, but in a police state– which many, apparently, are quite happy with us becoming– innocence is no barrier to incarceration or worse.)

So to all of you who don’t know what Ben Franklin is credited with saying about the balance between liberty and (the illusion of) security, I’ll paraphrase:

Chickenshits don’t deserve safety or freedom.

Okay, that was both crude and inaccurate, so I’ll leave it to Digby to tell it like it ought to be:


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  1. Elmo says:

    THE EMPEROR’S SO-LAST-YEAR CLOTHESNow that’s classic! Great post.I would have said “Chickenhawks don’t deserve safety or freedom”…but yah, what Big Ben said…

  2. These are also the same people who are against killing the fetus but bomb the fuck out of the turban man and get him to submit.

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