Hey, you! Put down that corporate-owned and -run newspaper! I have some better stuff for you to read. Sure, you could visit the Common Dreams News Center on your own and decide for yourself what to read, but I figured since you picked up that massive waste of trees there, you’re used to having other people think for you.

Anyway, let’s consider this a sort of halfway point. Here are your articles, with brief descriptions:

Dumbing Down the Audience
by Ralph Nader
If you want to see an accomplished, knowledgeable expert give you valuable consumer information, don’t look to the corporate minstrel shows on TV.

Just A Slow Turning From the Inside Out
by Christopher Cooper
Still don’t believe me when I say the two-party system is a massive scam? What have you been smoking?

Britain Gives Approval to Torture, Says Amnesty
by Ben Russell and Colin Brown
Um, tell me again what it is we’re fighting this “war on terror” against, and why…

CIA Whitewashing Torture
Human Rights Watch

The Cost of Bush Will Be Huge, Lasting
by Dave Zweifel
The next time you hear a Republican say anything to the effect of “you can’t expect to get something for nothing” (they’ll likely be referring to welfare recipients), I urge you to kick him in the gut, really hard.

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