I’ve been a bit busy of late, which is why the last two posts were cannibalized from the active minds of others. I’ve been trying to stay caught up in school, and R. and I have been trying to prepare ourselves for the arrival of Hurricane Isabel. She is due to make landfall on Tuesday morning.

There are so many emotions fighting for space in my psyche that I have just put them all in a room and locked the door. It isn’t that I am afraid to face those emotions, it’s just that there are so many practical things that must be done on behalf of our little girl that I don’t feel it appropriate to wallow in self-reflection. If I were a sharper man (mentally speaking), I might be able to afford the distraction.

There is so much I could dwell on: there is the hope that I will be as capable, smart, and generous a parent as my mother; there is the hope that I can be as kind and gentle as my father; there is the belief that my wife and I will be as good together as parents as we are friends and lovers (and travel companions).

See what I mean? This can get sappy in a hurry, and that’s why I’m keeping it confined. I suppose it will hit me when I first take Isabel in my hands and pull her close, but I’ll leave it alone ’til then.

5 comments on “

  1. Cynthia says:

    Congrats on the arrival of Isabel…

  2. The best of luck and congratulations to you. I know that at least she stands to inherit some good sense! God bless you!

  3. Thank you both very much.

  4. Cyrus says:

    You will be great. I hope all goes well and all are safe.

  5. teh l4m3 says:

    Good luck and God bless, with all of it.Even if you never post again, I’m not taking you off my blogroll, foolio ;P.

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