from my good friend Peter Starks in Atlanta:

Congratulations Chicago White Sox fans and Southsiders for your World Series title. This is history in the making. We actually witnessed history by seeing the White Sox win their first World Series title in 88 years. I don’t know about you, but it was spectacular watching history unfolding before my eyes. I have been glued to the tv watching the Sox since I heard they had a chance of going to the Series.

Not that I am a hard core Sox fan, or a baseball fan in general, but I can’t help but support any Chicago sports team. I am like anyone else who lives outside their home town; I constantly brag about Chicago and use any excuse to gloat to friends about why Chicago is better than their home town. That is easy to do in a city like Atlanta where everyone here is from somewhere else. This is a city of transplants. We always get into arguments over who’s city is better. New York has better this, California has better that, Chicago has the best pizza, so forth and so on. Well, Chicago has the best baseball team in the world. That sounds pretty damn good.

Not since the Bulls heyday, or the ’85 Bears, have I been prouder of a Chicago sports team. I think a lot of that pride comes from the fact that the White Sox are the southside team; which all Chicagoans associate with Black folks in da hood. Yeah, the Nortsiders have the Cubs and their loyal set of wealthy White fans, but the Sox belong to southside, home of the African-Americans, Hispanics and other minorities.

Remember, Comiskey Park, er…. U.S. Cellular Field is across the freeway from the projects. No respectful Northsider would dare come to the Southside for a White Sox game. They’d have to ride the Dan Ryan L with all those Black folks. Or worst yet, park their BMW in the hood. Does anyone remember when U.S. Cellular field was first opened, that they found bullet holes in the upper seats that faced the projects across the Dan Ryan? If that is not a sign of the team for the hood, I don’t know what is. This is a victory not only for the city, but for the minorities who go to the White Sox games because they are right there in their neighborhood.

I can remember just any average day during my childhood, my Mom or even friends saying “hey, the Sox play today, lets jump on the L and go.” You could always buy tickets very cheap on the day of the game. You usually had your choice of seats right up front. You had to be rich or a VIP to sit so close at a Cubs game. But at a Sox game, everyone who showed up was a VIP, in the front seats. Hell, they might ask you to come down and play.

As recently as a few years ago, my Mom, Jeff and I were not doing anything in particular, the tv was on and the news said the Sox were playing in a half an hour. We looked at each other and said lets go. We jumped on the red line and thirty minutes later we sitting in the stands with peanuts and popcorn in our hands. Our tickets were like $6.00.

The one thing I remember I always did with my Dad as a kid was, at least once a year in the summer, we would go to a White Sox game. That was really the only thing we ever did together. Most of you know that my Dad and I were not close during any of my life. But we did do that one thing once a year together. I bet you he enjoyed their victory last night as much as I did.

Listening to Tom Joyner about a week ago, he decided to be a White Sox fan when he discovered they had a manager of color. The White Sox victory is not just a win for the city, but a win for all Blacks and minorities.

I found it interesting that during the television coverage, if you didn’t know about the southside of Chicago, you’d have a different opinion of it. The broadcast said that the southside was an area of Italians and Irish, with neighborhoods like Hyde Park and Beverly. Um…..HELLO, there are some of us you forgot to mention. We all know how racist and segregated Chicago is, but let us */all/* enjoy this victory.

The Chicago White Sox win the World Series; what else is left to happen in the world?, the Cubs win the Series? Ha ,ha,ha! Cubs fans should enjoy our victory too; because if the Sox can win after 88 years, then anything can happen. Your day will come Cubs fans if you can ever get past that billy goat thing.

In the words of anyone who has ever gone to a White Sox game; na, na, na, NA, NA, NA, HEY, HEY, HEY, Goodbye!

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  1. Jeff says:

    The well-deserved characterization of Wrigley Field as an overpriced, crowded haven of yuppie north siders and suburbanites has been around for so long that one can forget that prior to 1984, the place was just as empty and accessible as the old Comiskey. During my 1981-85 attendance at Lane Tech, an annual event was to have the entire school walk down Addison St. to the ballpark for a game. I can’t imagine that being able to happen today.A few years after high school I made a trip to see a Sox game with a few friends, and remember being warned not to hang around too long after it ended, or to go into any Bridgeport bars where trouble awaited us from the Irish and Italian locals–which, in its own way was kind of racist for the fact that nobody told us to stay away from the projects or any black neighborhoods because, of course, everybody knew THAT–but we had to be advised that white south siders might also do us harm.Anyway, I haven’t been around Wrigley lately, but if they had any class they would congratulate the Sox on the big red sign out front.

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