As I have noted before, there is a big difference between most liberal and progressive blogs, and those of the right wing. It has to do with the very notion of democracy and free speech. Most of the progressive blogs I visit will allow rightie trolls to speak their piece, as long as they don’t get too abusive. Hell, some of them even allow the abusive stuff (no matter how poorly spelled or punctuated).

On the other hand, rightie blogs, like Blogs for Bush, carefully maintain their weed fields by quickly plucking any threatening beautiful flowers of wisdom. I planted such a flower last night in response to a thread about “winning in Iraq,” and to my (mock) surprise, I find this morning that it is gone.

I’m not bothering to link to the specific entry or the blog, because I don’t want to encourage your going there. All you’ll find is an inane circle-jerk of delusional rants and poorly constructed, poorly sourced arguments, and an atmosphere that quietly tolerates no dissent. And these nitwits have the nerve to complain about ‘liberals.’

(Another note: perhaps what offended the cowards at Blogs for Bush wasn’t just my pointing out the fallacy of their “winning in Iraq” post, but that I also asked why none of them were actually in Iraq joining the final push for victory. Chickenshits.)

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  1. mokawanis says:

    Chickenshits is right. Any site that doesn’t tolerate some arguing and dissent is just putting out more propaganda and preaching to the choir. Noonan is, in my estimation, as bad as Malkin and those fascist nutcases at LGF. Your asking why none of them are actually in Iraq was a fair question. It’s their war, why don’t they fight it?

  2. Cynthia says:

    It’s a fair question.

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