The Rude Pundit blows apart a very common right-wing meme, namely that liberal and progressive government programs are colossal wastes of money that have been tried and that have failed. The great lie of that notion is a three-fold: 1) the funding for the most constructive programs never approached the levels needed to give the programs a reasonable chance of success, because 2) the money was being thrown away elsewhere, such as into disastrous elective warmongering (e.g. Vietnam); and 3) the real wastes of money have come from trying to bandage the effects of not spending the money constructively in the first place. In other words, the right-wing (and other non-progressives) sabotaged the programs that would have helped the poor and disadvantaged help themselves, and now they carp endlessly about how those programs were all miserable failures. Assholes.

Katrina Proves Liberals Were Right All Along (Part 2: Poverty Edition)

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