…if it were moist yellow cake with rich chocolate fudge frosting

Though my wife has heard me make many a snarky comment about the Catholic Church, my disdain is not directed toward all individual Catholics. My problem is with a bureaucracy that has– well, never mind that for now. First, I’ll just drop a few names of Catholics who I admire:

Anyway, the problem I have with the Catholic Church– and most organized, orthodox religion– is best exemplified in the following stories (the gist of which I pinched from Bartcop):

St. Pat Monsignor Hits Gays on Scandal/ Blames Woes on ‘Disorder’, U.S. immorality

St. Patrick’s Cathedral rector resigns

(Speaking of delicious irony, the first story was found at FreeRepublic, which was undoubtedly posting the story as a sycophantic hurrah for the good Monsignor’s knee-jerk bigotry.)

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  1. Cynthia says:

    I don’t think it is natural to go without having sex. It’s a twisted notion in my opinion…

  2. Practically, it isn’t very sound policy, and I think it is the most direct cause of the Catholic Church’s sex abuse problem.It isn’t Biblically supported, either. Here is the real reason the Catholic Church began to require its priests to remain celibate. All the bullshit about ‘chastity’ and ‘devotion’ is just that. It’s all about the money, and look where it’s got them.

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