There are two remaining justifications put forth by the Iraq War apologists. One of them is the satanically circular argument (recently voiced by Head Chimpie) that the war is now the central front in the War on Turror. The other justification is that we liberated Iraq from a brutal dictator (never mind that he was at his most brutal when being directly supported by us), and that we can finally bring long-lasting peace and stability to the Middle East by helping Iraq become a stable, U.S.-friendly democracy.

Of course, the second justification ignores a great many inconvenient details, such as the torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib and God-knows-how-many other places, the punitive siege and decimation of Falluja, and the various acts of violence against civilians by U.S. troops. Despite all these things that clearly demonstrate the hypocrisy and dishonesty behind the Bushies’ sunny pro-war rhetoric, there are occasionally ironic little twists. One such twist (linked below) doesn’t exactly bring a smile to one’s face, but it does make one think, “Hey, maybe we are remaking Iraq in our own image!”

Guardsmen Took ‘Rent’ from Iraqi Businesses

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