Thanks to my good friend Chris W., who I consider to be a great writer in wait of a wider audience, for sending me the following poem by Robinson Jeffers. If only so many in our “Christian” nation could see the world through Jeffers’ eyes, instead of through the narrow, hateful eyes of the latter-day Pharisees.

The Excesses of God

Is it not by his high superfluousness we know

Our God? For to equal a need

Is natural, animal, mineral: but to fling

Rainbows over the rain

And beauty above the moon, and secret rainbows

On the domes of deep sea-shells,

And make the necessary embrace of breeding

Beautiful also as fire,

Not even the weeds to multiply without blossom

Nor the birds without music:

There is the great humaneness at the heart of things,

The extravagant kindness, the fountain

Humanity can understand, and would flow likewise

If power and desire were perch-mates.

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