“Sometimes, politics gets in the way of doing the people’s business,” said George W. Bush on April 21, 2005. Indeed, little Georgie, indeed.

If you listen to Chimpie long enough, you’ll frequently hear him state again and again how he and his administration don’t do things for ‘political’ reasons, and you’ll hear him blubber on about how ‘partisan politics’ ain’t his thing. As with most of the other syllables that spew from the mouths of Bush administration officials, these proclamations are utter horseshit.

Everything the Bushies do is politically motivated. Were you one of the few who noticed that the well-publicized, color-coded terror threat level warnings almost disappeared after the 2004 election was decided? I was. If you don’t buy my implication that those terror alerts were politically motivated, consider this: how often did a ‘credible threat’– one worthy of ‘raising’ the threat level– get announced with actual details? I struggle to remember… Oh, yes! I know of one instance:

Rove leak nothing new

So you see, here we have an instance of the Bush administration doing something extremely political: they publicize the name of a British terrorism suspect who is aiding the British in their efforts to investigate and neutralize an actual, credible domestic threat. The Bushies tried to dress it up by tying the announcement to moldy old ‘intel’ about some amorphous plot to blow up US buildings. The British, needless to say, were pissed. I wonder how many Brits are thinking today that the Bushies’ ploy of a year ago, carried out to bolster their nonexistent credibility in the approach to the 2004 election, might have helped to make the recent London bombings a reality. The thought has certainly crossed my mind.

Unfortunately, this is just one example of the Bushies playing politics with national security. Paul Krugman spells out how this fits in neatly with the Bushie philosophy of political gain above all else:

Karl Rove’s America
by Paul Krugman

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