While we’re all guzzling cheap beer and blowing shit up, let’s take a moment to reflect on our most cherished mantra, the one that says the USA is the greatest country on Earth. Well, there is no arguing that it is the richest. However, I recall a scripture from the Bible, something about moth nor rust consuming. Anyway, the point is that all the good things we have– besides shitloads of money– weren’t obtained by going across this continent (and subsequently the world) killing and pummeling weaker people and taking it from them. In fact, the only foreign war that the US has ever entered in order to help liberate anyone (WWII) might have been prevented had US citizens been at least as interested in promoting global freedom and democracy (for everyone, not just white people) as they had been in maximizing imperial profits. But I digress.

The point of this diatribe is to remind you all that the other things we supposedly cherish– besides money and material possessions, I mean– things like ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ and ‘democracy’ and such, are all basically rhetorical ciphers, and quite ephemeral ones at that. Do I have freedom if I can’t light up a doobie in order to relieve my severe, illness-induced nausea? What kind of liberty do I have when my government obtains the power to spy on ever aspect of my life without just cause? What good is democracy when the majority of the electorate is too ignorant to know what it is supposed to be voting for?

And that last statement, my friends, brings me to the money shot. Instead of waving a flag and cheering at the pretty explosions, maybe we’ll want to think about how our country is decaying from within. We are heading for a collapse that is going make the Soviet Union’s look like a peaceful suburban garage sale. Sometimes you have to read between the lines to see it. Usually you have to look at media sources that originate outside of our great land. Case in point, via skippy the bush kangaroo:

Toyota to build 100,000 vehicles per year in Woodstock, Ont., starting 2008

As my wife just commented, “Infrastructure: it’s more than just streets.”

It is all rolling together in my head right now, and it is making me nauseous. The apocalyptic bill for decades of embracing self-defeating, right-wing, reactionary politics in this country is finally coming due.

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