A while back I posted a link to an essay about the US military’s siege of Fallujah. As the essay states, the massacre and destruction were retaliation for the killing of several US-employed mercenaries at the hands of a number of Fallujah residents. The one question I’ve always had about the Fallujah killings is this: What did those mercenaries do to incite the fatal wrath of so many people in one place?

Well, one estimate (by the International Red Cross) puts the number of mercenaries operating in Iraq at around 20,000. Who commands these soldiers of fortune? To whom are they accountable?

The debacle of the Iraq occupation has looked from the beginning like a vulture invitational, and the corporate mercenary contractors are just a few among the many getting their beaks wet. It makes you wonder, though, just how it must feel to be an enlisted US soldier in Iraq, risking your ass for a pittance while your wife and children are back home struggling to make it on their monthly food stamp allotment, all while you’re watching mercenaries making hundreds of dollars a day driving around in SUVs with no accountability.

It must feel even worse when, on top of all the other shit you have to worry about in Iraq, some of those mercenaries start shooting at you.

Shootings may lead to security guard curb
by Adrian Blomfield in Baghdad

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Church Secretary,You said: What did those mercenaries do to incite the fatal wrath of so many people in one place?From what I’ve read, it was only a few radical Islamic extremists that attacked the mercenaries. Immediately after the attack, the Imam’s publicly denounced the acts by the extremists; yet, the American soldiers retaliated on the entire city of Fallujah. In this case, the Americans were and are in the wrong.

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