I just performed an experiment with the drooling, parental-basement-dwelling Cro-Magnons over at I signed up using one of my throw-away e-mail accounts, and posted a story from Editor & Publisher about the Pat Tillman story (you can read this story here).

To an excerpt of this story, I added a comment comparing the Newsweek ‘scandal’ to the suits in the Bush administration lying to Tillman’s family. Within two minutes (I am not exaggerating), my posting privileges were revoked, and my post removed. Now, there was nothing in my post that any reasonable person could have interpreted as unpatriotic or even insulting, but there you are.

Just so you know, good people, if these nitwit armchair fascists ever get their way, this country is going to resemble a cross between Saudi Arabia and Joe Stalin’s Soviet Union. This is why you can’t be polite with these people when you catch them trolling in your comments sections. Whether or not they post anonymously (if you allow that sort of thing), remember that the intellectual soiling that they are doing to your webspace is not allowed in their little wannabe-Nazi circle jerks. I suggest that you smack them down, and hard, but do it with facts. Eventually, their weak little minds will grow weary, and they will return to the dark comforts of e-Mordor.

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