and one giant leap (backward) for a nation..

Duck and cover time
Texas lege enshrines anti-gay provision in state legislature
by Molly Ivins

After reading the above article, I can’t say that I was surprised. For all the problems that we humans have caused each other due to our fear, bigotry, and intolerance, the Texas state legislature decided that codifying anti-gay bigotry was a good idea. For all the problems that Texas has, they have decided that enacting public policy that officially marginalizes otherwise law-abiding, productive citizens is worth doing. That’s Texas for you. You can never be too proud of being an asshole there, I guess.

Forgive my errant stream of consciousness, but I am now reminded of the time one of my rabidly jingoistic colleagues got angry while I was having a debate about U.S. foreign policy (this was shortly after 9/11). I was pointing out that popular U.S. history is far too self-congratulatory, and that a more balanced view would be in our best interests. After a particular semantic dance around the ghosts of the Vietnam War, this colleague blew his stack and declared: “The United States is the greatest country ever, bar none!! You’re talking bad about it!! Stop it!!”

Well, maybe that colleague was right. If so– if this is the best that mankind has to offer– then we are in big trouble as a species.

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