Remember last week when George Galloway ripped professional coward Norm Coleman (R-MN) a new one on live television? See, Senator Coleman reheated some old, discredited UK slander against noted anti-Iraq war Galloway for the sake of bolstering his chicken-shit diversionary propaganda campaign against the UN, otherwise known as the ‘Oil-for-Food Scandal.’

Well, the idea Coleman had was that he’d throw baseless accusations at Galloway, who was all the way across the pond and not under the U.S. Senate’s jurisdiction. That way, with Galloway not around, he could be made to look guilty simply by suggestion (a suggestion which would, of course, be dutifully regurgitated by the corporate whore fascist media). Problem was, Galloway has that unlikely political combination of heart, brains, and balls. Galloway took a flight to the hearings and lit into Coleman’s farce.

I think it was Seymour Hersh who I heard say that governments always keep records of their crimes. In this case, however, the U.S. Senate is attempting to deny the truth by omitting Galloway’s noble statement from its records. See the proof that Norm Coleman is a spineless partisan hack. Carl Levin (D-MI) got some of that chicken poo on himself, as well.

(NOTE: I originally viewed this page after linking to it from Eschaton; this morning, the key statement underneath George Galloway’s name read “Mr. Galloway did not submit a statement.” Remember, this page was originally posted before the hearings. Apparently, someone involved with the Senate must have noticed that some people were paying attention; note that the statement indicated above has been ‘revised.’ To have done this after the fact, without specifically acknowledging that Galloway did, indeed, make a verbal statement, is slimy at best.)

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