If you’d typed the words “oil for food” into Google two months ago, the first fifty entries would have been links to right-wing publications and weblogs screaming for the head of Kofi Annan on a star-spangled platter.

Of course, that collective wingnut apoplexy wasn’t based on any substantial evidence. A few spurious allegations and an easy-to-remember phrase consisting of monosyllabic words were all that was needed to set the bloodhounds of stupidity on the trail.

Ultimately, though, the real goal of the would-be witch hunt wasn’t justice for the starving children of Iraq. It was to draw attention from the real crimes against the people of Iraq, namely the long-time support for Saddam Hussein, followed by crippling sanctions, which were in turn followed by a devastating (and illegal) invasion and occupation that was launched under the auspices of a litany of lies.

Though the increasingly fascistic nature of public discourse in the U.S. precludes any serious domestic revelations about the true nature of the Oil-for-Food situation, there is enough truth being revealed by our cousins across the pond (who still have enough independent backbone to report on such stories) to quiet most of the morons here.

The truth that you likely haven’t read in our own press is this: though the pie of blame was never as big as the wingnuts wanted us to believe, the majority of it wound up on that aforementioned star-spangled platter. That is why the dogs of hypocrisy have long since turned their incessantly barking pack toward fresher ideological roadkill (“festering flesh of Newsweek, anyone?”).

US ‘backed illegal Iraqi oil deals’

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