This morning in the gym, I was glancing at one of the closed-captioned TV screens above the treadmill when I saw John McCain being interviewed on ABC’s “This Week” by George Stephanopoulos. While referring to suicide bombers in Iraq, McCain actually made a comment about them “blowing up babies.”

For those who aren’t familiar with John McCain’s Vietnam War record, he was an Air Force pilot, and a participant in Operation Rolling Thunder (which the U.S. estimates killed at least 182.000 civilians; God only knows how many really died). Hey, John, how many babies did your bombs kill? At least a suicide bomber would have to look at some of them before taking himself to the grave with his victims.

Fittingly, it was only moments later that McCain gave carte blanche to the Bush administration’s creative use of pre-war Iraq intelligence.

The scary thing is, McCain might be the least revolting Republican candidate for president in 2008, should he choose to run.

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