There must be a huge gap between the amount and character of the information I’m receiving, and the amount and character of the information that Republican voters are receiving. Assuming for the moment that we are all human beings with the same basic physiological mental capacity, how is it that these people could look at the last five-plus years, see the same things I’ve seen, and not be marching in the streets demanding to have the head of the ostensible leader of their party impaled on a stick?

Perhaps they have not seen the things I have seen. Perhaps they have not seen that there were no WMDs in Iraq, and that the Bush administration lied us into a bloody, unnecessary, and (in many ways) costly war. (That dishonesty was obvious to me before the shooting started, but that ship has sailed.) Perhaps they didn’t see where the Bush administration and its Republican allies in Congress attempted to pull Social Security out from under them. Perhaps the allegedly devout Christians among them didn’t see a problem with Republican congressmen standing arm-in-arm with fascist hucksters disguised as men of God. Perhaps these Republican voters haven’t seen how their representatives in Congress have become more and more shameless and corrupt as they work diligently to subvert our democratic process:

Democrats furious over GOP efforts to rewrite amendments

Perhaps the Republican voters have seen these things, and perhaps they don’t care. If that is so– and we’ll find out in 2006– then perhaps our brief experiment in democracy approaches its end.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    It appears that we are in deep trouble. I don’t understand like you said the conservatives response to all of this. They must see what is going on. They have to be in denial.

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