I’ve read much material about the European Holocaust; I’ve seen many documentaries and fictional treatments of that horrible chapter of the twentieth century as well. I’ve been to a couple of seders, as well, and the theme of “never forget”– which ties the ancient period of Hebrew slavery under the Egyptians to the Nazi-led Holocaust– was central to those observances. From the perspective of the seders and the Holocaust history, a reasonable person can easily develop an empathy with members of the Jewish faith, as they have a long history of surviving persecution.

Unfortunately, the formation of the modern state of Israel in the middle of the last century has, in my belief, created a moral situation that any Jew with a sense of justice and compassion must find troubling. Zionism, as it has played out in greater Palestine in the last six or seven decades, has resembled, in many ways, the westward expansion of the Eurocentric U.S. during the 19th century. Manifest destiny– a grandiose way of saying “might makes right”– isn’t that different from Zionism, in my book. It is little wonder that the fates of the U.S. and Israel remain so closely tied together (see this post for more on the topic).

Can we really condemn a state like Iran for being a dictatorial theocracy, while giving gratuitous support to Israel, which– by its own definition– is a Jewish state? (Save me that tired bit of poop about Israel being a democracy; about half the people under Israeli control have no vote, and virtually no rights.) At any rate, I won’t go on anymore about this. The behavior of the IDF says all you need to know about Israel’s brutal policies. As if the murder of Rachel Corrie wasn’t enough…

Israel clears officer of killing journalist who had white flag
By Donald Macintyre in Jerusalem

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