The headline above doesn’t refer to all the knuckleheads who will likely be packing heat now that the Florida legislature has expanded the legal parameters for the use of deadly force in self-defense. I am referring to the arrival of Luis Posada Carriles in the U.S. this week. Posada has applied for asylum. Now, if Dubya is serious about his “war on terruh,” then Posada should either be sent back to the Venezuelan jail from which he escaped, or he should be measured for an orange jumpsuit and plunked down in Guantanamo Bay. Follow the headline below to learn why.

‘Bomb-plot’ Cuban crosses into U.S.

What more fitting place (than stolen Cuban soil) could there be for an international terrorist like Posada? Though I don’t know if he has yet made his way to Florida, it is likely that the Bush administration will– in keeping with their standing policy of exercising naked hypocrisy– give Posada a comfortable life there. Why do I say this? Because brother Jeb has long since rolled out the red carpet for a number of other murdering terrorist bastards in the Sunshine State. Read more about them by following the link below:

The Hunt for Luis Posada Carriles

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