NYPD arrested and detained hundreds of people during the 2004 Republican National Convention; at the time, most of the detainees came out of jail with stories of being unlawfully arrested without provocation, then locked up held without anything resembling due process. Of course, I didn’t read or see any of this in the major corporate media. I got my information from outlets like DemocracyNow! and Freespeech TV. Anyway, these people have finally been getting their day in court. Seems that the fascists running things in NYC couldn’t just see fit to dismiss all the charges with a heartfelt apology. They had to try and get some bogus convictions for their trouble. Thanks to the savvy and foresight of the protestors, much of the NYPD’s thuggery was caught on video. Even knowing that the video evidence was available, the cops still thought, in some cases, that they could get on the stand and lie (I wonder who gave them that idea).

Video Challenges Accounts of Convention Unrest
by Jim Dwyer

I wonder if the police officers who perjured themselves will face disciplinary action. I wonder if the prosecutors who attempted to cover for the NYPD’s unconstitutional behavior will face censure, or at least a stern reprimand. I doubt it. Last night, I watched an account of a more egregious miscarriage of justice involving law enforcement and corrupt courts, this time at the federal level. You can view this for yourself by renting and watching the documentary “Incident at Oglala,” now available at Netflix (which, by the way, has a wealth of great documentary films in stock). It would seem that justice and ‘rule of law’ are highly malleable concepts in our great land of liberty.

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