For a bit of perspective, consider that Bush’s war on Afghanistan removed the Taliban from power, but left a chaotic power vacuum that has many Afghans– even non-Muslims– pining for some sense of order. Apparently, some Afghans would even prefer to see the Taliban bring their version of order back. So much for our fostering democracy, but I digress.

Here in the U.S., we have no such imminent crisis of security at hand, yet there is a small and vocal segment of our population that would like nothing better than to see its own version of the Taliban ooze into power. I don’t know what percentage of the electorate these people represent, but they have powerful and influential leaders in the highest levels of our government. Remember, it was only a small percentage of the German population who were ever actual members of the Nazi Party. The rest of the nation willingly followed the Nazis into hell. What are we going to do here and now?

In Contempt of Courts
by Max Blumenthal

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