I suggest you read the following transcript (and view the video, if possible) over at MediaMatters.org.

Neurologist Cranford confronted Scarborough, MSNBC daytime anchor: “[Y]ou’re asking me if a CAT scan was done? How could you possibly be so stupid?”

Now, after reading this (it is better that you watch it, so you can see how the boorish, snide behavior of Scarborough, as well as the blatantly false urgency of Daniels, appears in action), you’ll probably be wondering “just who is this Joe Scarborough, and from under what rock did he crawl?”

I give you the answer, my friends, and you will see why I believe the experiment in self-government known as the U.S.A. is nearing its painful, violent death.

A Death in the Congressman’s Office
Does Anybody in the Press Care About Lori Klausutis?
By Denis Wright and Chris George

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